Programmes 2020

Panels & discussions

The Atlas Workshops opens up space for reflection through a series of round tables and panel discussions in which professionals share their experience and explore contemporary issues related to cinema in the African continent and the Arab world.

Collaborating on Félicité: Director Alain Gomis and Cinematographer Céline Bozon in Conversation

If, as François Truffaut used to say, the director is the person who is constantly being asked all the questions without, perhaps, having all the answers, it is the cinematographer without whom the director's dreams cannot come true. Indeed, through their work on the image, framing, lighting and the shooting plan, they attempt to understand the filmmaker's deepest desires in order to inject them into every detail of a scene, through creating atmosphere or mood. They are, in a word, inseparable from the director in constructing the film work.
How is such a partnership formed? On what basis is the choice of cinematographer made? How does this duo work together on the ground, and at what particular stages of the filmmaking?
In this conversation, Alain Gomis and Céline Bozon explore the relationship between the director and the cinematographer, and consider their collaboration on Félicité (2017), the Franco-Senegalese filmmaker's fourth feature-length film, which won the Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival and the Étalon d’Or de Yennenga at FESPACO.

Farah Clémentine Dramani-Issifou
, programmer, curator, academic (France)


Co-Production: An Artistic Adventure

Any relationship that involves more than one producer involves a series of risks. Misunderstandings may occur for a variety of reasons, and these are often of a financial, legal and/or contractual nature. Co-production is often perceived primarily as a financial lever – one that will increase a film’s budget and international potential. Is this narrow focus on the economic aspect a major source of tension among the different parties?
How can we make co-production a more fluid, positive experience? During development, can we conceive of it as more than merely a financial opportunity? What does this adventure imply in terms of real-world action? How might producers from the African continent and the Arab world position themselves to strike the right balance with international partners?

Jennifer Sabbah-Immagine, producer (France)
Karim Aitouna, producer (Morocco / France)
Michel K.Zongo, producer (Burkina Faso)

Thibaut Bracq, head of the Atlas Workshops


Between Desire and Reality: Sustaining the Creative Process in Times of Uncertainty

For filmmakers from the world over, the past 10 months have been particularly daunting. For Arab filmmakers, it was just another day at work. In a region defined by constant upheavals erupting at a pace difficult to keep up with, it’s inevitable that the seed of desire planted at the initiation of every project is destined to wilt.
Few Arab films undergo a concise period of time from page to screen. From lengthy script development durations involving the habitual and obligatory labs, to endless pitching to financers and funds and the equally protracted phase of post-production, an average project may take years before it’s realized.
With more political turmoil rocking different parts of the Arab world, along with the sweeping force of the global pandemic, how can filmmakers sustain the relevancy and urgency of his film? How far can the passage of time change the course of a given project? And most importantly, how can artists sustain this burning desire all along the way?

Tala Hadid
, filmmaker and photographer (Morocco)
Joana Hadjithomas, filmmaker and artist (Lebanon)
Hala Lotfy, filmmaker and producer (Egypt)

Joseph Fahim
, film critic and programmer (Egypt)


Co-production Market

Participating projects and films are presented in the framework of a co-production market, at which filmmakers have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with international professionals in order to find co-producers, sales agents or other partners. This year, the co-production market will take place online, bringing together 300 international industry professionals.

Atlas Station

Launched this year by the Atlas Workshops, Atlas Station is a new workspace for accredited professionals who do not have projects or films in the selection but who are directors or producers developing feature-length fiction or documentary projects. This year, Atlas Station is available solely to Moroccan professionals who seek to benefit from half-hour meetings with experts during which they can discuss their documentary or fiction projects and diagnose the obstacles that sometimes stand in the way of progress.
We are pleased to partner with Powered by DOX Garage, a DOX BOX programme that offers similar support for documentaries. Sessions for fiction projects are conducted by the team of the Atlas Workshops.

Photo Gallery

Opening of the Atlas Workshops with Rémi Bonhomme (Artistic Director, Marrakech International Film Festival / Director, Atlas Workshops) and Ali Hajji (General Coordinator, Marrakech International Film Festival)
Panel "Collaborating on Félicité: Director Alain Gomis and Cinematographer Céline Bozon in Conversation”
Alain Gomis (Director of Félicité)
Céline Bozon (Cinematographer of Félicité)
Panel "Co-Production: An Artistic Adventure"
Jennifer Sabbah-Immagine (Producer)
Karim Aitouna (Producer)
Michel K.Zongo (Producer)
Pitching session of the 10 selected projects in development
The directors and producers of the 10 selected projects in development
Panel "Between Desire and Reality: Sustaining the Creative Process in Times of Uncertainty”
Screening session of the 5 selected films in production or post-production and 2 films of Atlas Films Showcase
The directors and producers of the 5 selected films in production or post-production and 2 films of Atlas Films Showcase
Digital co-production market
Digital co-production market
Atlas Workshops 2020 Awards Ceremony
ArteKino International Prize for development: AMONG US (Parmi nous) by Sofia Alaoui, produced by Margaux Lorier
The jury of the 2020 Atlas Prizes for Post-Production
Atlas Prize for Post-Production: RISING UP AT NIGHT (Tongosa) by Nelson Makengo, produced by Rosa Spaliviero and Dada Kahindo
Atlas Prize for Post-Production: FEATHERS OF A FATHER by Omar El Zohairy, produced by Juliette Lepoutre and Pierre Menahem