Mentoring & Prizes


Projects and films participating in the Atlas Workshops benefit from tailor-made support through one-to-one or group consultation according to their individual needs and current stage of production. Directors and producers of projects in development benefit from consultations with a scriptwriter to discuss their screenplay; with a producer to discuss their project’s financing and production strategy; and with an international sales agent to consider distribution potential. Directors and producers of films in production or post-production benefit from consultations about editing, scoring and international distribution.

Seven prizes are awarded by two professional juries.

List of Consultants 2023

Prizes & Juries

Atlas Prizes for development

Participating projects in development compete for four Atlas Prizes for development – one worth €30,000, another worth €20,000 and two worth €5,000 (or MAD equivalent) awarded by a jury composed of three professionals.

In addition to the prizes awarded by the Atlas Workshops, participating projects in development are also eligible for the ArteKino International Prize.

The ArteKino International Prize awards development aid to feature-length film projects. It is given at several international film festivals including those in Cannes, Berlin, Locarno, Rotterdam, San Sebastián, Rome, Torino, Sarajevo, Buenos Aires, Busan, Les Arcs and Marrakech, helping new directors and producers from all over the world in the development of their projects. The ArteKino International Prize awards €6000 to the producer of the winning film.

Atlas Prizes for post-production

Participating films in production or post-production compete for three Atlas Prizes for post-production worth €30,000, €20,000, and €10,000 respectively (or MAD equivalent) awarded by a jury composed of three professionals.

Atlas Distribution Awards

This year, the Atlas Distribution Awards have been created to support and promote the distribution and circulation of films in Morocco, the Arab world, and the African continent, and that are directed by talents from these regions and that are selected to be screened at the Marrakech International Film Festival. Cash support is provided to the distributors of the selected films to assist with their theatrical release strategy in at least two countries in the Arab world and/or the African continent.