Hicham Ayouch


Abdelinho, a gentle dreamer, lives in a small town in Morocco where, fascinated by Brazil, he speaks Portuguese and dances the samba. When a televangelist arrives, Abdelinho’s life is turned upside down.


Président Productions (Morocco)
Hicham Ayouch

Director’s statement

Abdelinho is a film about the importance of dreaming and of art in the face of a conservative society that tries to repress anything that lies beyond its strict borders. A comedy with meaning.


Hicham Ayouch
Hicham Ayouch
Director & producer

Hicham Ayouch began his career as a journalist, working for France 3, Canal+ and TF1 between 1999 and 2004. In 2005, he shot Les Reines du Roi, a documentary that examined the status of women in Moroccan society. This was followed in 2007 by a second documentary – Poussières d’ange, a look at mentally handicapped sportsmen and women. With Fissures (2009), his debut feature-length fiction film, Ayouch gained international recognition. In 2012, he made the short film As They Say for the Sharjah Biennial. Fevers (2012), his second feature, won several awards at major festivals, among them the Étalon d’or de Yennenga at FESPACO. He has already produced his two feature film Fissures and Fevers.

Total budget

€1 000 000

Financing secured

€450 000

Partners attached


Shooting period and locations

March and April 2021, Morocco

Expected delivery

September 2021

Looking for

Co-producers, distributors, funds, international sales agents

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