Among Us

Sofia Alaoui
Morocco - France


Itto, a young woman from a modest rural background, has had to learn the codes of the upper-middle since being propelled into the family of her husband, Amine. When Amine and his family are stranded several hours away from home due to a mysterious event, Itto, pregnant and verging on labour, will have to emancipate herself and go on an adventure in order to join them during a state of emergency in Morocco.

1st feature

Wrong Films (France)
Margaux Lorier


Jiango Films (Morocco)
Sofia Alaoui

Director’s statement

I like stories that contain contrasts – working in a poetic and cosmogonic dimension while at the same time developing a mechanism that is firmly anchored in the concrete. I want to develop a hybrid cinema – one that flirts with documentary and fiction, naturalism and non-reality, the grotesque and the tragic, the fantastic, family and social drama. Among Us is a story that is very much rooted in reality, but I want the supernatural to cause an upheaval in the society that it portrays. I see this film as a universal journey that leads to union. Even though it borrows from the codes of science-fiction cinema, I want this film to be, above all, mystical.


Sofia Alaoui
Sofia Alaoui

Sofia Alaoui spent her childhood between Morocco and China. She has directed both documentary and fiction shorts that have been selected for many festivals. Her latest documentary was released on the Moroccan main channel in 2019. Sofia is aiming for a cinema beyond borders that flirts with cinematographic genres. She is currently developing her first feature and TV series. She founded the Moroccan production company Jiango Film. Her last short film So What If the Goats Die won Grand Jury Prize at Sundance 2020. She just finished shooting a fantastic short film for the 20th Century Fox

Margaux Lorier
Margaux Lorier

Margaux Lorier grew up in the south of France. In 2008, she saw The Beaches of Agnès and felt the urge to meet Agnès Varda. This great encounter led to Lorier’s discovery of the world of film production when she began working for Ciné-Tamaris, Varda’s production company. Since then, Lorier worked for six years for Envie de Tempête Productions as an intern, then as an assistant and, finally, as a producer. Over the past three years, she has produced more than ten short films that have been selected for international film festivals and broadcast on national television, among them Sofia Alaoui’s So What If the Goats Die (2019). In 2020, Lorier joined producer Thomas Carillon at Wrong Films to focus on the artistic work of several young and promising directors.

Total budget

€3 520 976

Partners attached

Jiango Films, Micro climat studios, CNC

Shooting period and locations

September and August 2021, Atlas Mountains, Imilchil, Khouribga, Morocco

Expected delivery

May 2022

Looking for

Financial partners (investment funds and foundations), co-producers (Belgium and Sweden), Distributors (broadcast and digital platforms)

Other Projects in development