Luck Razanajaona
Madagascar - France - South Africa


Madagascar, nowadays. Kwame, 20, struggles to make a living in the clandestine sapphire mines. An unexpected event takes him back to his hometown. As he reunites with his mother and old friends, he finds himself confronted with the rampant corruption plaguing his country. He will have to choose between easy money and loyalty, between individualism and political awakening.

1st feature
Director of photography

Raphaël O’Byrne


Marianne Haroche

Main Cast

Parista Sambo


We Film (France)
‬‬‬Jonathan Rubin, François Magal
[email protected] 


Africamadavibe Production (Madagascar)
Herizo Rabary
[email protected] 

Free Women Films (South Africa)‬
Carolyn Carew
[email protected] 

Director’s statement

Disco Afrika is a story influenced by the moods and fashions of the 70s. I want to invite the audience to return to that era when many values and civic movements emerged in the aftermath of independence throughout Africa. This marked an artistic and musical awakening, which was a continuation of the struggles of the independence movements.


Luck Razanajaona
Luck Razanajaona

Luck Razanajaona (1985) is an emerging filmmaker from Madagascar who graduated from the Marrakech School of Visual Art in 2011. In the past, he attended prestigious programmes such as the Berlinale Talent Campus, Rotterdam Lab and La Fabrique des Cinémas du Monde in Cannes to develop his film projects. His short films were selected at numerous festivals around the world and won a prize at FESPACO. With the support of the CNC and Institut Français, he was selected to the Moulin d’Andé residency with his feature film project Chants de Tlous. He is currently working on Disco Afrika, his first feature film produced by We Film.

Jonathan Rubin
Jonathan Rubin

After studying production at La Fémis, Jonathan Rubin worked with several companies in France and abroad as a production manager. In 2016, he founded We Film with François Magal in Reunion. As a producer, he seeks to reveal and develop atypical writers by giving them the means to express their original take on cinema. He skilfully draws on cooperative efforts to produce aspirational, daring, and innovative audiovisual works.

Total budget

€518 328

Financing secured

€449 228

Partners attached

CNC Aide aux cinémas du monde, ACP DEENTAL, Région Réunion, TV5Monde, OIF, VMP Films ILMS

Shooting period and locations

June - July 2022, Madagascar

Expected delivery

April 2023

Stage of post-production


Looking for

Sales agents, distributors, TV pre-sale, post-production funds

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