Le Mouton de Sada

Pape Bouname Lopy
Senegal - Burkina Faso


Forty-year-old Babou Diop lives with his son Sada, his wife Coumba and a sheep they raise in the house.  At nine, Sada ends up forming a very strong friendship with the sheep. A few days before the Tabaski holiday, Babou realises that his sheep, which is intended for sacrifice, has disappeared—and so has his son. In great distress, he sets out to find them, which he eventually does—a reunion that is not without its consequences... Now, Babou is faced with a dilemma.

1st feature
Director of photography

Amath Niane


Mamadou Ndiaye

Main Cast

Amadou Diop, Aliou Diouf, Fatoumata Sy


Groupe Lydel Com (Senegal)
Khadey Zidna Mahfou
[email protected]


Imagi’nation (Burkina Faso)
Moustapha Sawadogo

Papinaprod (Senegal)
Mamadou Ndiaye


Director’s statement

When I was seventeen years old, my mother asked me to cut the throat of a rooster for Christmas. On that day, I realised I am incapable of hurting an animal, let alone killing it. Ten years later, a friend invited me to his home to celebrate Tabaski (Eid el Kebir). That day, his whole family was joyful—except his younger brother. I noticed the sadness of this child. My friend told me the boy had become very familiar with the sheep that had been slaughtered as a sacrifice. When I returned home, I was still struck by this situation and recognised that I was experiencing the same feelings as this poor little child. With that, the idea of making a film about it entered my mind.


Pape Bouname Lopy
Pape Bouname Lopy

A self-taught Senegalese director, Pape Bouname Lopy is product of Ciné Banlieue, a film school once directed by the late Abdou Aziz Boye. In 2011, he entered a screenwriting competition, which he won; this enabled him in 2012 to make his first short film, L’Arme, which was selected for FESPACO in 2013 and broadcast by Canal+. In 2017, he co-directed (with Christophe Rolin and Marc Recchia) the short film Dem Dem, which received the Silver Tanit at the Carthage Film Festival. Bouname is currently in post-production on his first feature-length film, Le Mouton de Sada.

Khadey Zidna Aidara
Khadey Zidna Aidara

Khadey Zidna Aidara holds a degree in Journalism and Communications from the Institut Supérieur d'Entrepreneurship et de Gestion and has eight years’ experience in the field of information and communication. She was a journalist at the national daily Le Soleil before she joined the communications sphere, where she acquired the basics of audio-visual and film production. In 2015, she joined the Lydel Com Group as an assistant production manager. She has also been in charge of the executive production of several institutional films and infomercials. Aidara participated in the Ouaga Film Lab a producer with Senegalese director Pape Lopy in 2018.

Total budget

€527 448

Financing secured

€463 877

Partners attached

Ella Global Solutions, Centre Yennenga

Shooting period and locations

July - August 2021, Dakar - Pikine district, Thies, Senegal

Expected delivery

July 2022

Stage of post-production


Looking for

Gap financing, international sales, distribution

Other Films in production or post-production