Rakan Mayasi
Palestine - France


A mysterious man from Gaza, on his way to Canada, dies on the layover plane to Belgrade, and nobody knows what to do with his corpse as the borders with Gaza have all shut down. But who is this man anyway and what was he traveling for?

1st feature

Salaud Morisset (France)
Laura Jumel, François Morisset 

Director’s statement

I was attending a film festival in Uzbekistan four years ago when I was informed that my father had passed away. It was a very difficult moment for me to be far and try to find a flight to Jordan where he was deceased. This personal experience has opened the question of life and death to me all over again. When a person dies, does his or her identity suddenly disappear? Does it melt away out of the system leaving the person simply human? Or does identity haunt the dead as well? The “curse” of being Palestinian in today’s world system brands you to the point that even in death a Palestinian remains trapped. In spite of this heavy subject, I conceived The Passport as a dark but humorous and light road movie that tackles the subject of identity, death, and the Palestinian cause. 


Rakan Mayasi
Rakan Mayasi

Rakan Mayasi is an independent Palestinian filmmaker based in Brussels, Belgium. He has written, directed, and produced five short films: Sea Sonata, Roubama, Bonboné, Trumpets in the Sky, and The Key - all of which were screened at international film festivals including TIFF, Locarno, Clermont-Ferrand, Küstendorf, NYFF, Rio de Janeiro among many others. His films went on to receive many awards as well as international sales. The Passport is his first feature film in writing. 

Laura Jumel
Laura Jumel

Laura Jumel is a French producer based in Paris. She joined the international distributor Salaud Morisset in 2019 and structured its production branch. The company accompanies international directors and has produced several short films so far, including Trumpets in the Sky by Rakan Mayasi (TIFF 2021) and Witness, directed by Academy member Ali Asgari. The company is now expanding to feature films and documentaries.

Total budget

€1 500 000

Financing secured


Shooting period and locations

September 2024  Serbia, Canada, Lebanon, Egypt

Expected delivery

January 2025

Looking for

Financial support, script consultations, co-producers, sales agents

Other Projects in development