Moumouni Sanou
Burkina Faso - South Africa


In the capital of an unnamed African country, two men and a woman live as pariahs because of who they are. During the day, they hide, as fear and rejection are everywhere and drama is never far away. At night, they rediscover a social life, reveal themselves, imagine a different, welcoming elsewhere, and escape, even if fictitiously. How can you be yourself—man or woman—if not by living between two worlds?

2nd feature

Les Films du Djabadjah (Burkina Faso)
Berni Goldblat


JPL Production (France)
Jean-Pierre Lagrange

Director’s statement

On screen, I celebrate diversity as richness, continuing the exploration of urban night, revealing inequalities and opportunities, and promoting freedom of expression that began in my first feature film.


Moumouni Sanou
Moumouni Sanou

Born in 1987, Moumouni Sanou is part of Burkina Faso’s new generation of documentary filmmakers. He has worked on several film sets over the past 10 years, and has edited and directed several short and medium-length films. In 2021, he directed his first feature film, Night Nursery, which premiered at the Forum section of the Berlin International Film Festival. It went on to be selected in numerous festivals and won awards including the Etalon d’Or of Yennenga for Best Documentary Film at Fespaco.

Berni Goldblat
Berni Goldblat

Berni Goldblat, a filmmaker from Burkina Faso and Switzerland, co-founded Cinomade in 2000 with the aim of creating and distributing awareness-raising tools through film. In 2006, he founded Les Films du Djabadjah. Goldblat has been a member of the Africa Movie Academy Awards since 2007. A trainer in documentary film writing, he chairs the ASCBF, which runs Ciné Guimbi, and is the author of several films, including The Hillside Crowd in 2009. In 2017, he directed his first feature film, Wallay, which had its premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival and was named Best European Film for Young People by the European Film Academy. The film went on to be selected 250 times in festivals and won 17 other prizes.

Total budget

€434 300

Financing secured

€42 600

Expected delivery

May 2026

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