Ismaël El Iraki
Morocco - France - Spain - Belgium


In Tangier, a contemporary tragedy unfolds in the story of the Ouazzanis, a family of drug dealers headed by “She-wolf” Amira and her two sons: Dollar, the one she loves, and Assil, the one she doesn’t. From the mountains of the Rif to the villas of Marbella, the meteoric rise of Assil, the accursed son in search of recognition in the milieu of the cannabis barons, inexplorably propels the Ouazzanis inexorably towards a bloody climax.

2nd feature

BAC Films Production (France)
David Grumbach

Alexis Hofmann


Kasbah Films (Morocco)
Karim Debbagh

Fasten Films (Spain)
Adrià Monés

Caviar (Belgium)
David Ragonig

Director’s statement

Morocco’s number one industry is illegal. Nevertheless, for many young Moroccans, trafficking cannabis is the only refuge of scorned ambition, often the only way of reaching that taunting Spanish shoreline only 14 kilometres away. Wolfmother is equally inspired by real Tangerine drug lords and ancient Greek tragedy. I want to channel Moroccan realities into universal, cinematic, and subversive stories by claiming my right, as an African filmmaker, to mythology, imagination, and style. I believe in forging new forms from ancient ones. Wolfmother is a modern tragedy that uses an electric, slam-inspired modernisation of izran, the old art of Riffian war poems, as its Greek chorus. It’s a Western set in the Rif, its Mohawk-sporting, shotgun-wielding Hashishin army the fusion of Michael Mann’s Mohicans and Abdelkrim’s freedom fighters. It’s a Tangerine film noir, steeped in the city’s dimly lit back alleys and dive bars, where doom always looms in the background.


Ismaël El Iraki
Ismaël El Iraki

Ismaël El Iraki was born in Morocco in 1983 and studied directing at La Fémis in Paris. With Carcasse, a short African sci-fi film, and Harash, a dark punk comedy set in Casablanca, he laid claim to his distinctive directorial imagination and style, far from the region’s usual naturalism. His first feature-length work, Zanka Contact (2020), a mix of rock flick, romance, Western, and thriller had its premiere at the Venice Film Festival, where it won the Best Actress Award in the Orrizonti section. It was released in 2021 after a lengthy festival run. His upcoming project is Wolfmother, a thriller-cum-tragedy set in the milieu of cannabis trafficking.

David Grumbach
David Grumbach

David Grumbach is an entrepreneur and veteran film producer with over 15 years of experience specializing in European co-productions and distribution. Since 2013, he has owned Bac Films, a leading French sales agent, financier, and distributor that has won 10 Palmes d’Or from the Festival de Cannes. Grumback finances around 12 films each year.

Alexis Hofmann
Alexis Hofmann

Alexis Hofmann holds a degree in modern literature and film history and is a graduate of La Fémis. He joined Bac Films in 2006 as a booker before becoming the company’s marketing project manager and, as of 2014, Head of Acquisitions there. Since 2020, he has been developing several feature films and television series alongside David Grumbach.

Total budget

€3 079 880

Financing secured

€899 880

Partners attached


Shooting period and locations

October—December 2024, Morocco/Spain

Expected delivery

April—June 2025

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