Adnane Baraka


We Don’t Forget centers on Ahmed, a truck driver in a secluded village where mysterious holes suddenly appear, disrupting the tranquil community. Alongside his friends, Ahmed engages in contemplative discussions as the unsettling events unfold. The rising concern within the village prompts the villagers to seek guidance from the mystic Chafik, while Ahmed’s unspoken emotions strain his marriage, especially as he and his wife contend with the challenges posed by their deaf-mute children. Chafik becomes pivotal in guiding the villagers’ understanding of the enigmatic holes. As tensions reach their zenith, the villagers collectively decide to offer a sacrifice to these mysterious phenomena, uniting in their quest to confront the unknown. We Don’t Forget unravels an exploration of uncertainty, featuring diverse beliefs and revelations that expose the intricacies of human nature and the quest for answers.

2nd feature

Alpha Ursae Minoris Productions (Morocco)
Adnane Baraka

Director’s statement

In We Don’t Forget, I aim to create a film that delves deeply into human emotions and reflections through a veil of mystery. My intention is to craft a compelling narrative that explores how inexplicable events can evoke profound questions about life, beliefs, and the meaning of our existence. My starting point is the character of Ahmed, a truck driver, who becomes a microcosm of repressed emotion and how it may impact our lives. I want to examine the complexity of his unspoken feelings.Simultaneously, Ahmed’s group of friends, each representing a unique perspective, fuels the profound discussions that drive the film. Through their exchanges, I aim to consider existential questions, from philosophy to spirituality, and to explore how different beliefs shape our interpretation of the world around us. We Don’t Forget is my attempt to capture the complexity and beauty – sometimes tender and sometimes bitter – of the human experience in the face of the unknown.


Adnane Baraka
Adnane Baraka
Director, Producer

Independent Moroccan filmmaker Adnane Baraka was born and lives in Marrakech. In 2011, he graduated from studies in directing at the Esav film school in Morocco. In 2010, he directed Talbanine, his first short documentary, a sensitive film about a remote and isolated school in the mountains, enlivened by the pupils and their teacher. The film won an award at the International Film Festival of the Student in Casablanca. In 2019, Baraka finished shooting his first feature-length documentary, Wandering Stars, about three blind young Moroccans defying countless obstacles in order to survive in their parallel world and find true meaning in their lives. The film is currently in post-production. Since its premiere at the Locarno Film Festival, Fragments from Heaven (2022) has been presented at and won awards from international festivals including CPH:DOX, DOK Leipzig, Porto/Post/Doc, Festival dei Popoli, the Montreal International Documentary Festival, the Mirage Film Festival, and MiradasDoc. Baraka is also a musician, and researches acoustic and synthetic sounds through his InCave and Sent projects.

Total budget

€947 180

Financing secured

€9 475

Shooting period and locations

November 2025, Morocco

Expected delivery

August 2026

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